ESG: Product vs. Process

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When evaluating ESG portfolios, a very important question to ask is if ESG data is being used as a process of evaluation, or is it being sold as a product?  ESG as a product refers to the data that companies like MSCI, Sustainalytics, and Thomson Reuters put out.  These data products overweight high-scoring companies and…

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Q2 2023 Market Commentary: The Jenga Market

Jenga puzzle resting on top of table

Jessica Skolnick, CFA, Director of Investments Adam Bernstein, ESG Analyst Macro Update As we wrap up the first half of 2023, we are astonished by and skeptical of the relentless rally in risk assets against a backdrop of escalating risks and near catastrophes. It reminds us of a Jenga tower in the late stages of…

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June Macro Update: Caution in a Priced to Perfection Market

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Jessica Skolnick, CFA, Director of InvestmentsAdam Bernstein, ESG/IMPACT Analyst For over a year, we have been managing our portfolios defensively and writing about the myriad risks and headwinds we see facing the market. A defensive posture was easy to maintain in 2022. Fed rate hikes spooked equity markets and risk assets in general. 2023 has…

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