ESG Data: Woke Capitalism or Better Due Diligence?

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At Gitterman Wealth Management, we refer to ESG as the GPS of Investing®. Just as we historically used fold out maps when we would take a road trip, we now have GPS systems, which update constantly and include numerous additional data sets to make our trips smoother, easier, and quicker.  We now know more about…

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Q1 2023: Something Has to Give

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The dust has now settled on a frustrating quarter for managers positioned defensively, as we are. We began the year with many more bears to keep us company than was the case a year ago. The consensus was that the Federal Reserve would…

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Climate Risk and Asset Repricing

Most of us follow the markets and interest rates on a day-to-day basis, and this takes up a lot of time and attention because they tend to have a more short-term and immediate impact on markets. Yet, climate change by comparison is often viewed as a slower moving issue that we don’t know when or where…

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